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Crisp vision. Fresh Perspectives. Clear Results.

Be intentional in how you lead and achieve.

Leadership development for people and organisations who want a more equitable and sustainable future.

The world needs change. Whether you’re a politician, a social entrepreneur, or an engaged individual, you can lead our systems to be more equitable and sustainable.

What change do you want to create? How will you shape that change? Where do you fit into the system you’re changing? How do you find stability and confidence as you work in uncertainty? What mindsets will enable you to be the most effective? Who will you partner with for support?

Systems change starts with vision. A vision of a better system, but also a vision of who you need to be in order to create that change. To effectively initiate systems change you must be willing to explore the system as well as yourself, and your way of being within that system.

Whether it’s articulating your vision, defining your purpose, understanding your motivations, improving your relationships, exploring your mindsets, increasing your effectiveness, or tapping into your curiosity, Mountain Air Coaching is here to explore with you.


One-to-One Coaching

Completely confidential conversations for you to bring forward any topic in a safe and judgement-free setting. We find clarity, identify barriers, and unlock solutions. Ultimately, we structure our conversations so that you are intentionally and consistently being your best version of self.

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360° Feedback Process

A process to determine what aspects of leadership you want to develop, and the people best positioned to give feedback those areas. We identify how you want to grow as a leader, and then seek a variety of perspectives that will help shed light on how to do that. We will identify strengths and where gaps exist and form a plan to take actions and develop.

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Team Development Days

A facilitated workshop or day for you and your team with exercises and conversations that explore purpose, values, vision, or whatever you want to develop. Based on psychological, behavioural, and neurological research, you will get to know each other in a more meaningfully way and come away with language and techniques to be more effective as individuals and as a team.

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Vision to Strategy Setting

A process to engage with teammates and stakeholders who have a vision of where and how your team or organization can transform. We turn concepts and ideas into specific actionable outputs, so that your vision for systems change becomes a reality.

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