Mountain Air Coaching transforms the people, teams, and organisations who are transforming society

About Mountain Air Coaching

Transform society, better.

Mountain Air Coaching transforms the people, teams, and organisations who are transforming society. If you are in the public sector, politics, a charity, a non-profit, or a social enterprise, Mountain Air Coaching partners with you to nurture healthier leadership, healthier teams, and healthier systems so that you can transform society, better.

Helping you nurture healthier leadership, healthier teams, and healthier systems.

Mountain Air nurtures healthier leadership. Healthy leadership produces impact in a way that is fulfilling and sustainable, and comes from finding greater clarity in who you are, what you want, and how you’ll get there. We help you define your leadership, develop the mindset and approach to enhance your impact, and inspire better in those around you.

Mountain Air nurtures healthier teams. Healthy teams are clear in their purpose and the transformation they seek to create. We use the Purposeful Transformation model to get at the core of your collective purpose, the implicit and explicit barriers you’re facing, and the transformation necessary to create impact.

Mountain Air nurtures healthier systems. A healthy system learns how to transform itself so it can impact and transform systems beyond its boundaries. We illuminate and align your culture, strategy, and ways of working within your organisation in order to shape the impact on the people and places beyond it.

How can we help you transform, better?

Evan Portrait

Evan Galbraith


Explore and discover, bravely and with openness.


(1) Trust and be trustworthy.

(2) Offer respect to all.

(3) Care about fairness.

Coaching Presence

Calm energy. Patient bravery.

Hi, I’m Evan, and I founded Mountain Air Coaching.

I’ve always believed we can transform society for the better, and my calling is to help people do that more effectively. In my eyes, supporting you navigate the complexity of personal development, group dynamics, and systems change is the most engaging and fulfilling work I can pursue. I do that with a presence is of calm energy and patient bravery, and when you work with me you’ll experience my values as someone who trusts and is trustworthy, offers respect to all, and cares about fairness. I’ve coached and facilitated for clients around the world, worked in politics and social enterprise, and participated in a leadership Fellowship in London, UK. I have a Certificate in Executive Coaching and Team Coaching (A+) from Royal Roads University, a MSc (distinction) of Health, Population and Society from the London School of Economics, and a BA (honours) in Political Science from St Francis Xavier. I energise by hiking, camping, and spending time outdoors.