We are better together. Developing yourself, your team, your organization, and your future is best done with support. Whether it’s one-to-one coaching, team workshops or organisational projects, Mountain Air Coaching supports you to be intentional in how you manage yourself, as you change the world we live in.

Evan Portrait

Evan Galbraith


To explore, bravely and with openness.


(1) Trust and be trustworthy

(2) Offer respect to all

(3)Make uncertainty an adventure


 Appreciation of self, trust among people, reconnection with nature.

Coaching Presence

Calm energy. Patient bravery.

Hi, I’m Evan, and I founded Mountain Air Coaching.

I am calm, patient, trusting, and curious. And I am motivated by enabling others to be and do their absolute best, which I do in my roles as a coach, trainer, consultant, and campaigner. I’m passionate about coaching, and supporting people to explore who they are at their core, so they can be intentional about who they want to become while appreciating who they are in the present.

Following a BA in Political Science from St Francis Xavier on the East coast of Canada I stumbled into work in political offices in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. Immersion in the politics that sit behind policy quickly forced me to consider my personal beliefs and values, and also made me appreciate the capacity to affect social and environmental change at a macro level. But I also struggled to understand what truly motivated me or where I wanted these roles to lead. Beginning to pose these questions to myself, I enrolled in a MSc in Health, Population and Society from the London School of Economics, after which I faced the dreaded question, “what do I really want?” head on. After a year of confused searching I found a London-based program called On Purpose that explores what it means to be a purposeful leader with a positive impact. Through the program I did consulting work in health and social care, and strategy setting and impact management for a B-Corp law firm. With the support of the program – which included coaching, mentorship, peer support, and training – I became able to articulate that I’m personally motivated by enabling others to be their best. This led me to a Post-Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching through Royal Roads University from the West coast of Canada.

Currently I’m in Calgary, Canada, where my aim is to support others who want to understand themselves more deeply, as well as those who are actively seeking systems change towards equity and conservation. To energize I hike, camp, run, play soccer(/football), read, meditate, and dominate friends on the Risk board.