Develop your team, build trust, and increase your impact with leadership programs.

Leadership Programs

Leadership training and processes, in-person or online.

What is it?

Development programs are facilitated processes that move you through a process of learning and development, so that you will be more effective, more fulfilled, and more impactful. These can focus on the individual, team, or organisational level. Programs apply psychological, behavioural, and neurological research and techniques to foster your growth as a leader or team.


What does it do?

These workshops are designed to make you and your team more effective and cohesive. You will improve your processes, get to know your teammates in a more meaningful way than colleagues typically do, understand what’s important to all of you, and build trust. This helps you to be more intentional as you work together as a team. Leadership programs encourage you to support, motivate, and empathize together in a way most teams don’t – we’ll build the environment and psychological safety that is required to sustain an effective and resilient team.

Programs include:

Intentional Leadership breaks down the component elements of leadership and ensures participants understand them, apply learnings, and develop as leaders.

“New Normal” Relaunch offers your team a chance to consider what “normal” looks like in the current context of uncertainty and rapid change.

Your Theory of Change analyses why your team or organisation exists, how you achieve it, and what impacts you’ll measure.

360° Leadership Feedback Process is a powerful tool that turns the traditional box-checking 360 process into a collaborative process. It ensures you get the right feedback, in the right way, from the right people, and gives you a clear path to transform your leadership.

Customised Programs can be created for you or your team to address specific needs.