The story of Mountain Air Coaching

Where Mountain Air came from

Better is possible.

Mountain Air Coaching was born out of Evan’s personal experience of working in politics and purpose-led organisations, where making an impact and transforming outcomes was at the core of operational decisions. In these spaces he saw that professional and organisational development were often treated as an unprioritised luxury – while he witnessed friends in the private sector receive major resources put into their learning and development. During a year-long UK fellowship that focused on enhancing leadership in impact organisations, he had several important realisations. First, through training and supports he was able to define that he is at his best when he is helping others be their best, which led him to coaching. Second, he saw how more intentional training and coaching could have further enhanced his own impact in past roles. And third, he realised he had been witnessing his colleagues’ and partners’ intense desire to make an impact, but rarely saw learning and development opportunities implemented to intentionally enhance their capacity to do so.

Transforming Transformers.

These realisations led to the founding of Mountain Air Coaching. It has been created to transforms the people and the teams who are transforming society. Working together, we nurture healthier leadership, healthier teams, and healthier systems so that you can transform society, better.