Clarify your vision, define success, and determine how you’ll get there.

Vision to Strategy

What is it?

You can only be successful if you define what success is. We meet and design a process to draw out a variety of perspectives on the vision for your team or organisation. Through a series of workshops we move through a process of articulating your vision into the specifics of what that means and how you’ll get there. You’ll come away with a vision that inspires, ideas on how to get there, and ways to track your progress.

What does it do?

A Vision to Strategy process ensures that you spend your energy and resources intentionally, and set yourself up to be strategic in achieving your aims. Bringing in the perspectives of different stakeholders helps you further clarify what you want to achieve, and turns your vision into specific actionable ideas. This holds great value as you articulate what you’re working on and report back to the people and communities you represent. Producing a strategy document helps you prioritize, improves capacity to track progress, and is a tool to hold yourself to account. It also provides clarity on your perspectives, priorities, and expectations for team members and stakeholders.