Develop your team by going deeper, finding meaning and building trust.

Team Development Workshop

What is it?

Team Development Workshops are facilitated sessions or days – in-person or online – for your team. It is built around your needs, and offers reflective exercises and conversations that explore purpose, values, vision, or any area you want to develop. These can focus on the individual, team, or organisational level. Mountain Air applies psychological, behavioural, and neurological research and techniques to ensure participants feel listened to and understood, so that you come away feeling connected and effective – as individuals and as a team.

What does it do?

These workshops are designed to make your team more effective and cohesive, more quickly. You will get to know your teammates in a more meaningful way than colleagues typically do, understand what’s important to all of you, and build trust. This helps you to be more intentional as you work together as a team. You will also explore and learn about your teammate’s beliefs and motivations, opening up and building deeper connections. This enables you to support, motivate, and empathize together in a way most teams don’t – we’ll build the environment and psychological safety that is required to sustain an effective and resilient team.