Explore and intentionally develop your vision, mindset and behaviours.

One-on-One Coaching

What is it?

Coaching is a series of conversations that ensure you explore and are intentional your vision, mindset, and actions. We create a partnership to transform you into the leader you know you’re capable of becoming. These are completely confidential conversations, where you can bring forward anything – whether personal or professional – in a safe and judgement-free setting. Your coach will ask questions and offer observations that help you find clarity, identify barriers, and unlock solutions – and act a source of personal accountability. Ultimately, our conversations ensure you are deliberate and consistent in being the version of self who will most effectively lead the systems change you envision. We customize the timelines and frequency to work for you.

What does it do?

This is an opportunity for you to prioritize your personal development as a leader through a values-led, strengths-based approach. As the multitude of demands on your time and attention pull you in many directions, our conversations keep you connected with your values and vision. We will slow down and reflect to ensure you remain grounded in a world that encourages a fast-pace and constant busyness. Carving out this time and space encourages you to continually ask questions of and for yourself. We create a confidential and judgement-free space for you to be open about your beliefs and vulnerable about your fears and uncertainties in a safe and trustworthy setting. We will explore mindset, priorities, and personal-accountability, so that you are effective and feel fulfilled as a leader. You will be supported and challenged as you clarify your vision and turn it into a reality.

Coaching ensures you are clear and intentional about:

  • your vision for the world.
  • knowing what you want for yourself and setting goals.
  • your approach and style as a leader.
  • reflecting on your self-awareness.
  • developing your emotional intelligence.
  • learning and developing in your role.
  • your productivity and effectiveness as a doer.
  • setting your default patterns of thought and examining assumptions.
  • living your purpose, values, and beliefs.
  • fears and how to overcome and outshine them.
  • how to focus on and utilize your strengths.
  • relationships and how you show up for others.
  • your behaviours, actions and decisions.
  • knowing what fulfillment means to you.