Set your foundation for development with a customized and in-depth look at your strengths and how you can improve as a leader.

360° Feedback Process

What is it?

A 360° Feedback Process gives you an honest and accurate assessment of where you are as a leader, and how you can become more effective. To start, we determine what aspects of leadership you want to develop, and people from multiple perspectives who are best positioned to give feedback those areas. Together, we’ll design a series of questions, which the coach will then use to conduct interviews. Following those interviews, you receive an anonymized compilation report that identifies strengths and areas for improvement – focused on the areas you’ve prioritized for development. In a debrief we then explore where gaps exist between your strengths and potential areas for growth, and form a plan to take actions and develop. This isn’t a dump of information and criticisms, as with some 360°s – this is a thoughtfully customized approach to better understand the nuances of your strengths and what your peers would like to see more of.

What does it do?

A 360° review gives you a starting point for developing into the leader you want to be, and is a great point of reference for your personal growth and in our coaching. You get a refined and realistic picture of who you are and how you operate as a leader, and outside perspectives of how you can build on your strengths and address areas for improvement. It is a tool for self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-responsibility. With it, you have a foundation for a personal development plan, which is the basis for being an effective leader in systems change. Through this process, we ensure you can more accurately, comfortably and confidently define yourself in a world where others constantly seek to define you.